Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate is a report that shows how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption. It assigns an energy rating on a scale which ranges from “A” (most efficient) to “G” (low performance). The EPC has directly nothing to do with the built quality of the property, it just shows energy performance of the building, in terms of fossil fuels and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions released into the environment.

energy performance certificateThe purpose of this certificate is to measure and compare the overall energy efficiency of buildings, in compliance with European legislation. The certificate is valid for 10 years. In order to improve the energy efficiency of his home (better rating scale), the owner can follow the recommendation given within the certificate of his property. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now a requirement and legal obligation for any property owner, wishing the market, sell or rent his property. Without this certificate, the owner of a property will not be able to sell his property, as the EPC will be required by the Notary on completion of a sale.


* In the case of apartments, the owners of each apartment need to apply for the EPC, and is not up to the Community of Owners to provide it.

* If you have your property for sale either privately or with an agent, you will need the Energy  Performance Certificate (EPC) of your property.

* If your property is on the market for sale or rent and do not have your EPC, you risk heavy fines from the Spanish Authorities.

* In case that a sale has been agreed with no EPC in place, you will risk that the sale being cancelled and the buyer can sue you for compensation.

* At the completion of your property sale, the Notary will require the Energy Performance Certificate.

* If you are renting out your property on a long term basis, then you need an EPC – before you start advertising your property. You have to show the EPC to prospective tenants. If you already have rented out your property to a long term tenant, you do not need an EPC, but you will need this certificate when advertising for a new tenant.

* Energy Performance Certificates can be issued only by accredited qualified architects and registered engineers who have a special qualification to issue this certificates.

* Every Energy Performance Certificate has to be registered by the competent authority, appointed by each Autonomous Community for control and supervision purposes. Check if your certificate has been registered.

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