Permanent Property Exchange (Swap)

Permanent Property Exchange (Swap)

We are offering a new way to list and sell your property under Permanent Home Exchange (Home Swap), which means “You buy my home – I buy yours”. In the current housing market many home owners would like to sell their home, but cannot find a buyer. Obviously there are the normal options: Reducing the price or try to Permanent Exchange it. Exchanging properties is also an alternative way for investors or second home owners to move assets to different locations, thereby spreading and reducing the risk. For more details (how it works, benefits, FAQ, etc.), please read our information under “Home Exchange” or visit our Blog.


exchange_works1 Have you a property you are trying to sell, and it has been on the market for some time? Then try to Exchange it. Permanent Property Exchange (Swap) is bringing two owners together and purchasing each others property. You don’t have to find an exact match in value to your own property; if there is a difference between the two valued properties, the difference has to be paid by either person. Permanent Property Exchange is 100% legal, and you will need the services of a Lawyer. All the legalities are basically the same as they would be in a conventional sale. The only difference is that completion of both properties has to be on the same day.

Whether you want to move from one country to another, or relocate to a different part of the same country, can help. So why wait – list your property for permanent exchange today!

Unlike every other real-estate website that only list properties for sale, has a database that combines information not only on properties for sale, but also for exchange. Our website brings potential buyers and sellers together. The basic concept is simple – you buy my house, I buy yours. In a few steps, property exchanging can become a reality:

Choose a location

The first step in a permanent property exchange is to choose the location where you want to move.

Find interested owners in permanent exchange property

Once you have a chosen a location, you need to find an owner, whose property is located in an area you would like to live.

Make arrangements to look at the property

Once you have selected from your list of properties, the next step is to arrange a time to view the property you are interested in.

Make a deal

Once you have located the property you are interested in permanent exchanging your home for, negotiate both prices and sign contracts.

Close the deal

Once you have negotiated the exchange of the new property, you are then ready to proceed as you would for a normal property sale.


Many people wish to return to their own country after living abroad, or want to relocate to a different area, making Property Exchange an ideal way of achieving this.

Value preservation

By swapping the property instead of selling it the traditional way, sellers have a higher chance of receiving close to the appraised value. Both parties can agree on property values they are happy with, and not the values dictated by quick sales in the area. In declining markets, sellers are often forced to accept offers far below the current appraised value.

No chain

In a conventional sale, your move could depend on the other person’s sale – who maybe in a chain, while in a permanent exchange, you’re only dependant on the other owner.

Reduced transfer and foreign exchange costs

When buying a property abroad, you will find yourself paying large sums of money to convert into foreign currency, and transferring it the seller’s bank. This will be a percentage of the amount of money involved, so the more money involved, the more it will costs you. With a property exchange, you will be dealing with a much smaller amount of money, by saving yourself on the fees.

Avoiding Agents Commission Fees

You can save on Agents Commission’s fees too, by advertising your property on, and dealing directly with the interested party. If has to act as an intermediary between yourself and the other party, helping to guide you through the whole exchange process, a normal commission fee will apply.


How much my property is worth?

Always get your property independently valued, before considering a permanent exchange. Do your research and check out local property prices. Don’t be tempted to over-price your property.

Do both properties have to be the same value?

No, when you are exchanging property, there is maybe a difference in value, and then you will have to arrange finance to cover for the difference.

Difference in property value

If your property is more expensive than the other parties, you can ‘part exchange’ as long as the other side is agreeable, and able and willing to pay you the difference in value.

Can I avoid paying stamp duty & taxes?

You will still have to pay all the taxes and stamp duties (UK) as you would for a conventional sale. For this reason it is important to keep all written valuations and evidence of transactions between yourself and the other party.

Can I trust the other party?

Care and precautions should be taken with any transaction when buying, selling or exchanging property. As follows common sense is needed, when:

  • Arranging meetings, always tell someone else where you are going and who you are meeting, and never hand any money over at this stage.
  • Take appropriate independent legal advice. If you are arranging a swap with someone in another country, you should take advice in both countries or consult a Solicitor who is familiar with the property laws in the country you are planning to move to.
  • Employ professionals to check every aspect of the exchange of property. You should at least make sure that:
    • The other person owns or is entitled to sell the property you want
    • The property is as described
    • You and the other owner agree on the value of both properties

Do I still need a Solicitor?

Yes, exchanging your property is a legal transaction just like when selling your property.